Evolution and Collaboration

The composition, rehearsal and performance of Finnissy’s Second String Quartet

Funded by a PALATINE Development Award in 2009.

This interactive, multimedia software DVD uses Max/MSP to coordinate and arrange a diverse range of materials in different media – audio, video, text, sketches, diagrams, reflective questionnaires and interactive score analysis. Flexible navigation through the resources allow different paths to be followed through a matrix of information. As a research or as a teaching tool the user’s journey through the materials can be tailored to suit his/her interests. The non-linear approach promoted in this DVD takes the emphasis away from listening to a continuous two-hour rehearsal, one-hour interview, or twenty-minute performance, by splitting up the materials into small bite-sized chunks averaging about 2 to 2.5 minutes.

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Software DVD
Bayley, A. and Clarke, M. (2011) Evolution and collaboration: the composition, rehearsal and performance of Finnissy’s Second String Quartet. PALATINE. ISBN: 978-0-956-02044-4

Journal articles
Bayley, A. and Clarke, M. (2010) Analysing Michael Finnissy’s Second String Quartet: A Multimedia Interactive Approach. In: Christian Utz (ed.), Music Theory and Interdisciplinarity8th Congress of the Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie Graz 2008 (musik.theorien der gegenwart) 4, pp. 319-334.

Bayley, A. and Clarke, M. (2009) Analytical Representations of Creative Processes in Michael Finnissy’s Second String Quartet. In: Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies Vol 3, Issues 1-2, pp. 139-157. ISSN: 1307-0401.